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Unfair play. You got away.
You left her wrecked and broken
Her “no” was clear
You didn’t care
Your inner beast was woken

Unfair play. An easy prey
But those you screwed, survived it
They know your stench
They seek revenge
They’ll crush your wicked spirit

It’s your turn
Your turn to learn
You bastard
You will burn

Your history is a misery
I see you have your blues But that’s your shit
Just handle it
There’s no excuse for abuse

It’s your turn
To hurt and burn
You bastard
You will burn

Welcome to karma’s fair play
Here’s no where to run away
Here’s where the story ends
The pyre is set afire
The flames burn higher and higher
This is the end

Burn, burn
Grieve and burn
You bastard
Burn, burn, burn

Lyrics: Per-Øivind Johannessen
Music: Michael Krumins, Kristian Torp & Per-Øivind Johannessen