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Thanks for nothing. Thanks so much
History is repeating
Fate returns with it’s iron touch
Death and I have a meeting
I am dazed and paralyzed
Pounded and salted and tenderized
Someone’s raking the embers
Bitterness has sharpened its blade
I’m flavored with an injustice marinade
The vultures slowly assemble

They are dancing around a fire
Madness glows in their faces
Yelling riots around a pyre
They are craving his ashes:
«Smash his face, and strike him out
Fill the night with his self pity shout
This man is in for a remake
Fry him gently. Keep him fresh
Oh, this scent of roasting flesh
Burning at the stake»

Burn my body. Mock me loud
I don’t mind any longer
Dance and shout, freaking madness crowd
I am weak, but I’m stronger
I must admit: I am a bit scared
The fate is so pale and acts so weird
My ego takes off the mask
My soul is captured.
It screams to be free
God, why have you forsaken me

It glows in peaceful ashes

Lyrics: Per-Øivind Johannessen
Music: Lars Erik Asp, Michael Krumins, Kristian Torp & Per-Øivind Johannessen