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The first ray of light is transforming the darkness
A blackbird is singing an old song by heart
He touches her skin and awakens the goddess
She knows how to answer. She knows how to start 

She knows. She wants. She can
Respond without a plan
Her body raises towards him
He holds her. She gives in
A damp morning meadow.
The sun is her man 

Dance me awake
Dance me to life

Her hair is a hillside of snowdrop and primrose
Her eyes shines of bluebells; reflecting his rays
With trembling hands, and amazed by her pose
He makes her release the beauty of May

She plays. She laughs. She lives
He’s glowing as he gives
A carefree tight tango In timelessness meadow
A dance of creation. A play of life

Dance me awake
Dance me to life 

Lyrics: Per-Øivind Johannessen
Music: Michael Krumins, Kristian Torp & Per-Øivind Johannessen