Friendly Folk Records proudly announce the first English lyric single, Bobblehead, from Norwegian Progressive Folk Rock band, Faulk. Bobblehead, the first release from their upcoming concept album, tells a story of the role of men in society today and their internal conflicts. The blend of provocative lyrics, dynamic vocals and instruments will appeal to music lovers of both Progressive Rock and Folk Rock genres.

Each verse of Bobblehead explores the inner feelings of a man totally detached from his feelings. He is vulnerable, sensitive and the women in his life feel compassion for him. The refrain, however, displays how he interacts in real life, especially when he is around other men. He appears confident and analytical, but protects his feelings with a shield of armor. Detached from his inner feelings, he has become a non-emotional giant head without a connection to his body. Download on all worldwide digital platforms or at our webstore link below.